• Safety

    Increasing the safety of the workers in plant, reducing the risk of accidents, facilitating the operations of evacuation, and alerting continuously of the potentially associated risks to workers.

    • Inventory of the safety elements (IPEs) necessary to authorize each worker to carry out the activities associated to their skills.
    • Knowledge of location of employees to facilitate suitable evacuation routes, as well as operations of location and rescue.
    • Warning of the existence of a risk, due to the extended period in sensitive zones.
  • Indoor Positioning

    Providing knowledge of the location of elements and materials in plant in real time, with the purpose of being able to automate certain operations simply and with agility.

    • Control of tools and equipment: tracking location of devices with the purpose of easily locating tools and equipment and avoiding losses.
    • Automatization: programming of manufacturing orders, on the basis of the positioning of the components that are necessary for such activity.
    • Control of materials: location in real time of material in plant.
  • Traceability

    Facilitating the monitoring of both the critical consumption and the necessary tools for the manufacture, as well as the operations related to the production processes.

    • Tracking of materials and elements of production which are associated with manufacturing lots.
    • Tracking of operations related to the production process.
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