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Symplio technology puts Gohfans® at the service of enterprises, an IoT architecture to provide a basic and extended services, focused on creating emotionally connected products, in order to generate new business models to develop new sources of incomes.

Gohfans® components extend the capabilities of traditional products (shirt, caps, scarfs..) that are known and used by fans, spectators , supporters… Adding intelligence and Internet connectivity, a new value proposal is created, more emotional, with services and integrated into their social and digital life.

Gohfans® is a powerful tool to be incorporated within commercial, communication and marketing business strategies. In addition to providing a unique and continuous experience for the customer enjoyment, this solution offers a set of tools to drive engagement, ROI generation and revenue increasing.

First global solution to speed up and reduce the development cost of IOT experiences in the sportaintment and entertainment business.


GOHBOARD: Customizable electronic devices integrated within traditional physical products, to enable them to become animation intelligent products. Their capabilities are improved when using communication technologies, sensors and actuators. GohBoard allows to enable new experiences and interact with users, thanks to features like lighting or the ability to measure animation level, or even being personalized using NFC technology. Designed for high working efficiency, the lifetime battery can be extended beyond 12 months without being replaced. See GohBoard family.

GOHAPP: Set of client SDKs developed for IOS and Android that can be integrated into all type of mobile applications to provide two types of differentiated services. GohApp serves as a link between both GohBoard and the third party devices, and services platform. These pieces of software implement the communication activities, device management and security. On the other hand, It provides added value functionalities to generate new experiences on both GohBoard and third party manufacturers.

GOHSERVICES: Set of platform services to enable new digital experiences in the sportainment and entertainment business, using Internet of Things technology. See GohServices.

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Integrating both Symplio's and third party devices.


EMBEDDED: electronic module fully embeddable into textiles, waterproof and long-life battery, that allows traditional merchandising products to be turned into smart products to develop new digital services.

WRISTBAND: with the same technical capabilities of embedded model, this product of the Gohfans family incorporates extra features like lighting and the possibility of customizing with a varied colour palette.

CLIPABLE: incorporating the same features of the wristband, this model can be used with your own animation products like scarfs, cap, T-shirts… Thanks to its magnetic closer, Clipable model gets fixed to the textile product without damaging it.


  • GohServer

    Core platform to provide the IOT infrastructure essential services. Thanks to GohServer, activities like device management, user management, authentication, collecting and aggregating data and enabling integration with data and applications of third party are boosted.

  • GohExtended

    Advanced services to support the execution of personalized experiences.
    GohExtended is a key component to reduce time and costs in the building of new IOT applications in the sportainment and entertainment business.

  • GohData

    Set of services to allow generation of detailed real-time analytics and reports. GohData services extract and correlate information, in order to obtain the real value of data, predicting patterns.
    Such value becomes a source of knowledge to efficient and risk-free decision making.

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